Sponsored Fighters

Womaa Fight Gear during the past 6 years have helped up and coming competitors by sponsoring them at various events to help them progress hopefully to reach their goal.

All competitors wishing to be sponsored by Womaa Fight Gear would start on a 6 month trial first where they will receive a branded t-shirt to wear whilst competing and we would expect them to advertise as much as possible out on the circuit and on social media. If after the 6 months they are selected to join the full team they will receive a womaa fight gear branded fight suit, t-shirt, hoody and £100 voucher to spend on branded equipment. They will also receive financial help as and when needed if available and agreed between us both beforehand. As time goes on and the relationship between competitor and sponsor builds the funding will also build.

If you are an up and coming competitor and would like to be part of the Womaa Fight Gear Elite squad please ask your coach/instructor to contact us directly using the contact form on here or by emailing womaamartialarts@hotmail.com