Keeley Phillips

WOMAA World games Gold light con and points

WOMAA British Championships, Gold points, Bronze kata & kumite

WKU English Open Bronze light con

WKS European Championships Gold kumite, Bronze light con and kata

Kwon GS2 Silver points, Bronze light con

Cimac adidas Open Gold light con

GTI Northwest Gold points

WKU British Open Bronze light con

Cimac British Open Bronze light con

WMO European Championships Bronze light con

Kwon GS3 Silver Points, Bronze light con

Cimac World Cup Gold light con

GTI English Open Silver points

WOMAA World Games 2 x Gold points, 2 x Gold light con, 1 x Gold Kumite

Cimac UK Open Gold light con

Gforce Silver light con

Cimac Grand Champion light con

Kwon GS1 Silver points, Silver light con

WMO British Championships Bronze light con

WFMC British Championship Gold light con

Lordswood 2018

2 x 1st, 1x 2nd, 1 x 3rd

WMO British 

2nd Place points

2nd place continuous 

3rd place kumite 

Epic 2018

White Tiger Challenge 2018

2nd place continuous

Gforce international 

1st place points

3rd place continuous 

 WMO World Championships 2 x Bronze medals